I spoke via Skype with Ian Huckabee, who is a web marketing strategist/technologist, self proclaimed Chief Weejee at Weejee Media and developer of DwellWell.  He has a unique background with audio and marketing stints at Sony and a successful home builder.

Our mutual friend Andrea Powell, when she is not a vampire, suggested we would get along famously (no pun intended).

Ian’s got great insights into social media and I really enjoyed the conversation.

[podcast format=”video” width=”300″ height=”18″]https://www.millersamuel.com/wp-content/uploads/oldimages/podcasts/2010.08.12-The-Housing-Helix-Podcast-Ian-Huckabee-Founder-Weejee-Media-Web-Marketing-Strategist_Technologist-Home-Builder.m4a[/podcast]

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