I had the pleasure of speaking with Guy Kawasaki, former Chief (Software) Evangelist at Apple Computer in the early days of Macintosh – who has become a prolific author in addition to being a technology entrepreneur.  While I claim to avoid the self-help book genre, I realize I’ve read nearly all of his books.  Guy released his 10th book today: Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions.  Here are some reviews.

His first book, The Macintosh Way, is now a free download and was always one of my faves – because it came out as we were building our company, Miller Samuel, entirely by using Macs.  He later ran ACIUS, developer of 4th Dimension, the database application we ran for about 15 years to manage our data.

This was a pure treat for me as I got to talk about the early days of Apple, reminisced about Guy’s one word email technique (I shared my 15 second voicemail rule), his other ventures such as Alltop.com and Garage.com, the state of marketing today and how to make yourself enchanting.


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