Today I speak with Chris Williams, President and Chief Technology Officer of AIMSdashboard,

“Williams is a 15-year veteran of the IT industry, having served stints with Cisco Systems and PolyServe, a software startup acquired by HP. At one time he was co-owner of Carolina Appraisers, a real estate appraisal firm based in Raleigh.”

AIMS stands for “appraisal independence management system,” and “dashboard” is a software term meaning a control panel housing two or more applications.

His venture was enabled by introduction of the May 1, 2009 agreement between Fannie Mae and NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo known as the Home Valuation Code of Conduct.

AIMSdashboard is intended to help financial institutions take back control of the mortgage process through a software solution. Chris was very quick to point out that his company is a software company, NOT an appraisal management company.

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  1. Francois Gregoire May 21, 2010 at 7:50 am

    For over a year, I’ve been communicating with Chris about AIMS Dashboard. We were introduced by his father, Archibald (Baldy) Williams. His Dad and I met at meetings of the Association of Appraiser Regulatory Officials (AARO).

    Chris is making the rounds promoting AIMS Dashboard, and was in Florida this week. He detoured over to St. Petersburg and we were finally able to meet in person.

    Too bad I did not have a recorder going, because we had a great conversation about a number of topics, including HVCC, AMC Legislation, Appraiser Professionalism, North Carolina Politics, and AIMS Dashboard.

    AIMS looks like a great alternative to the use of AMCs. I’m looking forward to seeing AIMS and Chris get their foot in the door.

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