Media appearances kind of snowballed this past week, so please indulge me. I promise to get back to more granular real estate analysis this week.

[March 26, 2007] Page Hopkins of Fox & Friends did the live interview with me and asked great questions. Admittedly my topic was wildy general and the basic message was: National housing stats are irrelevant and you need to look at your local market. Housing stats are trailing indicators and you need to look at economic indicators. Investment windows are more likely to be 5-10 years, much long than what many are accustomed too. Page said I said it was time to buy a second home and I am not sure where that came from – didn’t say that. Also spoke with the other two anchors in the green room and the weatherman. Nice people.

[March 22, 2007] The live Bloomberg TV interview was with Brian Sullivan, who is the host of a new show called In Focus, that airs every business day from 12-2pm. He’s a high energy person, seemed very nice. I love doing interviews at Bloomberg headquarters in Manhattan. Its all new, very high tech, runs like clock work, they spray the makeup on with a hose and best of all, the food is free.

[March 19, 2007] The Nightly Business Report interviewed me for the series: A Tale of 3 Cities which tracks the housing market in 3 US cities with Manhattan being the first. Suzanne Pratt was the very sharp reporter for the Manhattan segment and also is one of the anchors for the show.