I was invited to appear on the early program for ABC News, America This Morning. I left my house at 3am to make it in time for the 4:42am live segment. The last time I was on the show, I learned the hard way that in order to function, I needed to get some sleep beforehand. I ended up with about 5 hours last night, so I didn’t feel too bad. As an added bonus, the people that run the show were very friendly and professional. A pleasure.

By the way, the streets of Manhattan are nearly empty and all the traffic lights are green at that time of the morning (really!).

This is a general overview piece that touched on the US housing market and my NY Times parking space study last month.

To play the clip. [Update: fixed link]


6 Responses to “[In The Media] ABC News – America This Morning Clip for 8-21-07”

  1. Jose says:

    I think your style is very good and comments are consistently A+ Jonathan. But I have wondered about this and decided to just ask…do you or any other invited experts get paid for these interviews? Or is it done simply for the media exposure (and for the fun of it)?


  2. Jonathan J. Miller says:

    Its pure joy…

  3. Jose says:

    Pure joy even at 3am? Jokes aside, you do come across as being knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter yet one who is willing to share it freely. It’s a sign of a true professional in my book. Way to go Jonathan!


  4. Jonathan J. Miller says:

    Thanks Jose. it really is fun. Hey – its live national television fed to a lot of affiliates. I really don’t care what time it is.

  5. fatbear says:

    Must tell you that your ability to explain in simple terms is great – perfect for TV (that’s not a dig). Keeping it in terms the avg person can follow is not easy, and you seem to do it naturally.

    btw, were you prepped on the specific questions? or did they just let it fly?

    one nit – the “to play the clip” link goes to your CNBC appearance, but the link in the body goes to ABC

  6. Jonathan J. Miller says:

    fatbear. oops – sorry. Still residual matter in my brain after getting up at 2am – thanks for pointing it out. I fixed it.