[This series of photos taken during home inspections](http://www.stargroup.com/hnt/index.htm) by [StarGroup, a home inspector in California](http://www.stargroup.com/ResidentialInspections.htm?hnt/index.htm~mainFrame) should be interesting to many readers since appraisers see a lot of suspect conditions during an interior inspection.

Photo Caption: “Drop in sometime” A
doorway should never open over a descending
staircase. A majority of accidents in the home
occur on staircases. Such doors are not unusual

in older homes.

The photos are amazing 😉

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  1. Patricia Campbell September 13, 2005 at 9:28 am

    Some pretty scary pictures. Many of these types of conditions I saw when I appraised residential single and multi – family homes primarily in the outer boroughs. In Manhattan I have seen some dangerous spiral staircases in duplex apartments or floors in old loft buildings that you could fall through which I felt required a reccomendation. The problem is some lenders do not want this pointed out for the obvious reasons. Mortgage brokers – forget it – I have been asked to eliminate pictures and remove comments. It is a difficult situation and a good appraiser has to use good judgement common sense and sometimes follow his or her conscience regardless of the results.

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