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A requirement in the [Real Estate Valuation and Analysis class that I teach at NYU](http://www.scps.nyu.edu/departments/department.jsp?deptId=24) is to write a complete, self-contained appraisal as part of a group project. Three or four bright, motivated graduate students writing one appraisal of a small income property over a ten-week period from start to finish, with all three approaches to value. The purpose is to let the class apply the theory they learn in class to the _real world._ At the end of the semester, the groups present their reports to the class, explaining their methodology and conclusions. I stress the development of good market dataspeak to brokersverify the sales.

One of my students, an account officer in the real estate group of a major lending institution, came up to me in the beginning of class on the day of the presentations and said that I will never complain about the appraisal fee or ask for a two-week turnaround time againthat was so much work! Yes it is! And we usually do it alone, not in groups, and in 2 weeks!

Finally, an account officer _got it_!!…It was a perfect moment!

And it dawned on me that that’s the answer to the dilemma that we’re inthe appraisal lobbyists in Washington must get enacted into law a requirement that all bank lenders spend three months actually going into the field to do research and write an appraisal. Perhaps then, they will _get it._

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  1. martin tessler December 19, 2006 at 2:56 pm

    3 months is not a long enough purgatory-its like Chinese food or a Big Mac, you’ll be hungry in a short time and forget that you just ate….

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