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Chartist: New York Post, Grant’s Interest Rate Observer

If this market report slash appraisal thing doesn’t work out, I’ll go into graphic design with a focus on charts.

The New York Post asked me to whip up a chart for them. They change the fonts to make it theirs but hey, it’s fun. Oh yeah, the article was about living rent-free in NYC (but there’s a catch) [1]. Jim Grant of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer wrote a cover piece in his widely followed twice monthly newsletter subscription called “Too close to the sun” about the super luxury housing peak using my insights and a chart.

Ok, admittedly there is no real point to this post. I’m trying to convince myself to get back in the blogging groove, in addition to my weekly Housing Note [2].

New York Post version
nypost11-19-15 [3]

My original version
NYPdraftmedianrent [4]
[click to expand]

Grant’s IRO version
grantschart11-13-15 [5]

My original version
msforgrantchart11-13-15 [6]
[click to expand]