As a followup to my last post about the falling off of bubble blogs: [Housing Bubble Blogs Looking For Soft Landing](, inspired by the always on-top-of-things Bubble Meter blog posts a great follow up. He tracks the bubble blog genre in his weekly [BubbleSphere Roundup]( and discovers that the following bubble blogs are long dormant (in blog-years).

  • [The Boy in The Big Housing Bubble (June 1st)](
  • [Out at The Peak (June 4th)](
  • [Housing Bubble Casualty (May 24th)](
  • [South Florida Real Estate Bubble (May 24th)](
  • [Massachusetts Housing Market (June 3rd)](
  • [New Mexico Real Estate (May 27th)](

These blogs were written with a lot of passion. Is there simply less to write about now? Or is this just part of the typical blog cycle with its short life expectancy?

3 Responses to “Bubble Redux: More Housing Bubble Blogs Crash, No Soft Landing”

  1. John K says:

    I think it’s hard to keep a blog going, regardless. Add the fact that these blogs were super-focused on one topic, and one topic only, and it’s easy to see why they’d flame out.

    I have to say, I’ve been pretty good about writing blog entries for my real estate blog for one whole year – over 1,000 entries. Meanwhile, I have seen plenty of other real estate blogs go by the wayside. The authors lose interest. Either that, or they are way busier than I am, out making sales instead of sitting in front of their computers, all day.

  2. Robert Campbell says:

    Like everything else in a capitalistic economy, only the strong survive.

    Not everyone can publish a high traffic housing blog.

  3. Dave Perry says:

    I hope that Homestead Florida does not Bubble. I recently bought a precontruction house there.

    The prices have remained the same for the last 6 months, so I may have only made about 20 K in a whole year, while it was being built. Now I lost the 20K in closing costs and builders fees! But I am hoping that the market will break past the bubble as soon as the new Homestead Hospital is completed.


    I was wondering if you have been getting any complaints about how some builders are getting more than their moneys worth, by hiding things in their contracts, that even my friend who is a legal assistant did not see.

    In my case I got ripped off, because the sales people for Portofino Palms, told me that I could use my own bank, but they failed to tell me that somewhere hidden in the contract, I also had to let them know in the first 10 days that I wanted to use my own title company.

    Well in the end their title company came up with over $8000 in fees. Had I used my own title company the fees would have been only $3000. So I got taken for $5000 and their lawers were laughing all the way to the closing table. For more info read my web log