In response to the inquiries I get from real estate brokers, I’ve written posts on Matrix to explain how to approach certain valuation problems, usually specific to Manhattan, but not always. Here are some of my favorites and most requested.

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Literally The Narrowest Housing Insight Ever Provided (Hint: Valuing Outdoor Space)

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Combinations: Creating a Larger Manhattan Co-op or Condo

Valuing the Light in Your Condo or Co-op

Valuing A Fireplace

Combinations: Creating a Larger Manhattan Co-op or Condo

What is the value of a Central Park view?

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Median Sales Price Explored (Because It Needs to be):

Explainer: Overall Median Sales Price Submarket Changes May Not Fall In Range

A La Mode: Whats So Mean About Median Sales Price?

Median sales price can be subject to skew by consumer behavior more than math