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Appraisals & Consulting

Miller Samuel provides residential and commercial appraisals and consulting services for mortgage origination, relocation, foreclosure, reviews, workouts, fractional and partial interests, easements, stigma, environmental, litigation, bankruptcy, asset valuation, common area, share allocation, divorce, trust and estate matters, mediation and court testimony. If you’d like to engage our services or simply know more, please contact us.

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  • Fairfield County

  • Long Island, The Hamptons & North Fork

Services & Resources

Miller Samuel offers appraisal services for various purposes including mortgage origination, collateral management, foreclosure, and legal cases like estate, divorce, bankruptcy, and litigation. They also specialize in expert witness services, common area valuations, and share allocations. Their clientele spans financial institutions, law firms, developers, relocation companies, co-op boards, condo associations, managing agents, individuals, and government agencies, both domestically and internationally.

appraisals & consulting

Residential and commercial appraisals and consulting services.

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