We’re in a trance about American Home Mortgage. AHM (no, not the Pink Floyd Album), is gone.

A top ten lender.


Last week our appraisal firm finally received payment for an appraisal we performed a while ago for American Home Mortgage. The only problem was, AHM shorted us $100.

Aware of the AHM situation, one of my employees called our billing contact immediately to follow up but got a message that went something like this:

Thank you for calling American Home Mortgage. Effective immediately, American Home Mortgage is closed for business and has filed for bankruptcy. Thank you for calling and godspeed.

I guess we will be writing that fee off, but did they have to be so darn professional and cheerful about it and wish us well?

But seriously, I do feel sorry for all those people who showed up to their closings without the $750M that was supposed to be there. And all those people on the front line, that lost their jobs.

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