If you can indulge me, I was included in the ABC World News Tonight broadcast on Saturday night to talk about the potential urban to suburban housing shift, particularly in NYC. It was cool to be interviewed by Deirdre Bolton for her first World News Tonight segment since just joining ABC via Fox Business and previously from Bloomberg where I had spoken with her before. Great move ABC!

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2 Responses to “ABC World News Report 5-2-20 ‘Urban to Suburban’”

  1. Victoria Ostrowski says:

    Fantastic interview and I think it’s spot on!! I speak to families who have rented in Greenwich, Sea Island, the Hamptons and with the time passing, they are conflicted about returning to New York City.

    I am enjoying your reports. They are entertaining and original. I have been coining the Hanks to Banks phrase! I always give you the credit!!

    Thanks for all you do for the community!! New York shall rise again!!