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Voice of Appraisal Podcast: E136 A Deep Dive into A.I. with Jonathan Miller!!!

I had another great conversation on Voice of Appraisal with Phil Crawford [1]. The conversation centered around AI National’s “taking” policy debacle [2], my repository for all the documents on this matter (realestateindustrialcomplex [3]), the viral outrage that has overtaken the appraisal industry, released from my first of several Matrix posts on the topic: Sadly, The Appraisal Institute is now working against its local chapters [2].

We also spoke about RAC [4], an appraisal organization I’ve been a member of for two decades and recently became the president. RAC works for its members.

Aside from Phil’s dreamy radio voice, he shares a lot of great content each week for appraisers. Well worth a regular listen.