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[TARP Subsidyscope] The Black and White, But All Red

I feel a bit negligent about this post. I recently stumbled across this Pew research project on TARP spending launched in October 2008 [1] which keeps track of the TARP spending by institution.

With the role of government in financial markets rapidly expanding, The Pew Charitable Trusts today announced a new project to focus public and policymaker attention on the size and scope of all federal subsidies. Subsidyscope, an initiative of Pew’s Economic Policy Department, will aggregate information on subsidies from multiple sources into a comprehensive, searchable, open-source database, which will serve as a gateway for press, policymakers, advocates and the public. The project will be guided by a broad and bipartisan aof budget, fiscal and transparency experts. The board met in Washington today to launch the project.

Subsidyscope [2] provides the ability to export all TARP recipients for further analysis plus a great visual java charting function.

Here are the top 25 institutions that have received funds so far in the first half of the TARP. I had to widen my spreadsheet default for column width to fit in the dollars spent.