MANHATTAN Manhattan rental price indicators continued
to rise, although the rate of growth cooled
since the summer on a year over year basis.
Median rental price increased 3.1% to $3,350
from the same period a year ago, rising for the
22nd consecutive month. Average rental price
increased 4.8% to $4,149 to the highest level in
nearly six years…

BROOKLYN Brooklyn rental price gains have slowed since the
summer months with most of the weakness seen in
larger apartments. Median rental price did not rise
for the second straight month after seven months
of consecutive year-over-year gains. Median rental
price was unchanged at $2,899 from the year
ago quarter…

QUEENS Rental price trends in northwest Queens
remained volatile as all rental price indicators
fell short of year ago levels. Median rental price
declined 10.1% to $2,551 from the same period
a year ago. Average rental price was $2,644,
down 12.3% over the same period…