MANHATTAN Manhattan rental prices continued to press
higher as the local economy improved and
mortgage lending conditions remained tight.
Median rental price was above prior year levels
for the eighth consecutive month, rising 3% to
$3,246. Average rental price followed the same
pattern, rising 3.4% to $3,994 over the same

BROOKLYN After two consecutive months of declines,
Brooklyn rents returned to their rising ways.
Median rental price increased 5.9% to $2,858
from the same period last year to their highest
level since March. Average rental price increased
2.2% to $3,187 over the same period…

QUEENS Housing price indicators for the northwest
region of Queens showed mixed results in
October. While median rental price increased
3.5% to $2,743 from the prior year period,
average rental price declined 5.2% to $2,718.
Average rental price per square foot increased
10% to $42.22 over the same period…