MANHATTAN The pace of rent growth in the Manhattan
market continued to cool as use of concessions
by landlords doubled and the vacancy rate
edged higher. Median rental price increased
1.5% to $3,350 from the same period last year
and was unchanged from the prior month.
The rate of year over year median rental price
gains has fallen in each of the past five months…

BROOKLYN Brooklyn rental prices remain elevated but price
growth has been increasingly rare in recent
months. Median rental price edged 0.8% higher
to $2,923 from the same month last year after
seeing no gains over the prior two months.
Average rental price slipped 0.4% to $3,189 over
the same period…

QUEENS Overall price trend indicators in northwest
Queens remained mixed as new leases
expanded. Median rental price was $2,767,
down 4.8% and average rental price fell 3.6% to
$2,825 respectively from the same month a year
ago. Luxury median rental price, representing
the top 10% of the market, saw a larger decline
of 10.6% to $4,200 over the same period…