Reaching Your Housing Coverage Limit, One More Time

Every person has their limit time-wise and this week I hit mine. Before that Eagles song “Take it to the Limit” enters your head (ugh, I can’t stand that song), read my recap (the shortlist).

  • My son got married last week and lots of families were in town.
  • Michigan State, The Yankees, and The Jets all got W’s
  • Wrote about 6 housing markets market, one was 5th most emailed on Bloomberg World Wide
  • Had a relative take a visit to the hospital
  • I traveled to DC to be accepted and then speak to IAC of The Appraisal Foundation
  • Met a lot of “fake friends” (online friends you’ve never met in person) in DC
  • Lost my mayorship of the Sugar Bowl Diner in my hometown on Foursquare
  • Considered my “Soft at the top” narrative for submission to the urban dictionary
  • Ate Blueberry Acai Gummy Pandas for a late dinner in my DC hotel room

Next week I plan to double down so rest up. In the meantime, consider reading the following Bloomberg View piece and ask yourself: “How much is your life worth? I usually downplay my life’s value at about 99 cents, but an economist thinks we might be worth an average of $7 million. In Manhattan, that’ll get you a nice 3-bedroom condo.

The Economist Who Realized How Crazy We Are – Michael Lewis

And yes, we are all crazy in our own way, so take it to the limit.

See you next week.

Jonathan Miller, CRP, CRE
Miller Samuel Inc.
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