December 2, 2016

I’ve left Thanksgiving turkey behind and shifted back towards “chicken.”

Another reason inventory rises and falls – Re-sale inventory rises based on how we see the future – in addition to how rapidly sales volume gnaws at supply.

No 7-Year itch: A few more thoughts on the Chinese housing market – Divorce fraud and limited turnover have been good for business.

Mortgage Rates Have Been Rising – That doesn’t mean prices will fall.

What Happens if Young People Never Buy Homes? – And is home buying a vice? (sorry, inside joke).

What makes a street, a street? – An explainer video that makes sense, but don’t get me started on crescents!

Post-Election Manhattan Market Anecdotal Out of Context Update – Maybe we are seeing a little post-election release of pent-up demand?

Appraiserville – Forms versus narratives, plus no appraisers in the Congressional hearing about modernizing the appraisal process.

And a slew of links to read over the week…