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Don’t Assume Your Customers/Clients Are Giving Endorsements

One of the more annoying things I see as standard business practice – (not just) in the appraisal profession – is listing client names in a report or brochure without permission as a point of credibility.

In fact one of the larger commercial appraisal companies is famous for including in its boiler plate “An appraisal company is measured by the clients they serve” followed by pages and pages of client names. It’s not illegal or frowned upon but I’ve always seen the practice as a weak argument for quality and perhaps a borderline breach of client confidence when its so excessive.

Yesterday I was sent a screenshot from a page on PropertyShark [1] (a data service I absolutely love) that lists a bunch of appraisal firm logos as their customers. The presentation includes my firm and it is clearly presented as an endorsement.

I certainly do this myself as it pertains to a media outlet quote or by touting government agencies that rely on our analysis.

I guess I’m really thinking aloud here – wondering if there is a protocol that should be followed when using your client’s names as a form of marketing. Or am I just whining about working indoors when its so nice outside?

I need to hear from Joe [2], a marketing maven that would set me straight.