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Appraisal Reviews and Their Importance

Jim MacCrate, a regular contributor to Soapbox [1] through his “Straight from MacCrate [2]” column recently wrote a research paper with Noreen Whysel called:

Appraisal Reviews and Their Importanc [3]e

which was recently listed on Social Science Research Network’s Top Ten download list for Litigation, Procedure & Dispute Resolution Journals. This article may be of interest to attorneys and others who read and review real estate appraisal reports. To view the top ten list for the journal [4] click on its name Litigation, Procedure & Dispute Resolution Journals Top Ten and to view all the papers in the journals [5] click on these links link(s) Litigation, Procedure & Dispute Resolution Journals All Papers.

Appraisal review is a big issue. We regularly perform reviews of other appraiser’s work in litigation and they review ours.